What We Do


Enginuity Worldwide is a Missouri-based technology company focused on finding innovative solutions to sustainability issues using biotechnology. Founded in 2009 by Nancy Heimann, the collective of scientists, engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs are harnessing the power of agricultural byproducts to produce renewable energy, enhanced soil, carbon solutions and animal feed.

The mission of Enginuity is to be a collaborative and productive gathering place for bioeconomy innovators to grow and harvest their inventions.

We identify, select, and shepherd exceptional ideas that spring from the genius, tenacity and independent spirit of the American inventor. We safeguard these ideas and apply the equally creative minds of our entrepreneurs and innovators to develop marketable products from the ideas; overcome the expected challenges with repeatable and well-honed commercialization processes; and accomplish successful home-grown wealth creation for our inventors, founders, licensing partners and investors.

Enginuity is a diverse team of problem-solvers, and we face each challenge head-on, with transparency, and a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. We are open-minded, team-oriented, customer-focused, nimble and hard-charging. We rely heavily on industry tested processes and proven commercialization paths. With us, everything is possible… and what others might think “impossible” just takes a little longer, as we wait patiently for the appointed path to reveal itself.

Enginuity is located in the Missouri Plant Science Center in Mexico, MO.

About the Technology

At Enginuity, we find solutions through agriculture.

We have developed technology to augment and enhance a variety of products that benefit the agriculture and energy industries. Our multi-purpose, patented rotary compression technology utilizes friction and compression to transforms renewable agricultural feedstocks into a variety of enhanced products.

Agricultural Feed

Enginuity has developed a cost-effective process for increasing efficiency of nutritional animal feed, using a diverse range of common crops such as corn, soybean, cottonseed, sorghum, and canola

The heat and pressure produced from a steam explosion from Enginuity’s rotary compression unit alters the structure of the meal protein so that it can withstand digestion.

By processing the crops through Enginuity’s technology, the company is able to create a more digestible, efficient animal feed with a higher potential for starch and protein uptake.

BioCoal Fuel

Enginuity has created a cost effective, viable way for coal-fired power generation companies to reduce carbon emissions while boosting the local farming community.

Our patented rotary compression technology transforms locally grown and sustainably harvested corn stover, grass, wood and agricultural waste into an enhanced, renewable biomass-based engineered solid fuel that can be blended with traditional coal to produce a more sustainable source of baseload bioelectricity.

BioCoal™ fuel helps coal last longer and go further than ever before. Most importantly, it allows power plants to provide reliable and cleaner electricity without raising building new power plants that may raise costs for their customers.

If the product was utilized in every U.S. coal-burning power plant, carbon emissions could be reduced by 273 million metric tons a year, or 16% of the industry’s total carbon emissions.


Enginuity’s BioChar is made using agricultural feedstocks like corn stover and wood processing waste streams, as well as animal waste such as poultry litter or cow manure, which can then be used as a soil amendment that removes carbon dioxide from the surrounding atmosphere.

Recent tests on soil that uses Enginuity’s BioChar show an increase in growth rates, germination success, porosity, stability of soil pH and moisture, and overall water retention capacity.

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